Though a chief purpose of this website is to share interesting factual research data concerning historical personages, historical and folkloric traditions concerning interesting physical sites and landmarks, and useful and entertaining information on a variety of aspects of nature, the world, society, and day to day life, as well as philosophical and (rarely) political viewpoints, no attempt is made by the site owner by or through the use of this website to gather private, non-public information about its online users (except as pertains to the activities of advertisers who advertize on pages of this website---see below) nor to share such data with anyone for any reason.

Information such as email addresses which users choose to give in the making of comments to weblog posts on this website are given at the discretion of such individual visitors/users. Email addresses, however, are not revealed in the posting of user comments. There is no attempt made by or through this website to gather or make use of such information.

Data concerning number of visitors (to the website generally or to specific blogs), user computer operating systems and browsers, methods for accessing the site (such as browser searches, direct access via url's, feeds, links from other websites) and so on is collected (mostly for statistical examination of amounts and type of traffic to the site) using tracking and cookie technology, though none of such data details specific user identity information. Such data is generally of an aggregate nature, informing website administration of such things as blog popularity and visitation-countries-of-origin.

Concerns who advertize on this site may use COOKIES (also known as web cookies, browser cookies, or HTTP cookies). Third party cookies used by advertisers can be placed by them in order to track Internet users' browsing histories. These tracking cookies aid the advertiser in identifying websites where they, the advertisers, may have "footprints" so that ads can be thus presented to or tailored to meet the interests of the online user.

Another chief purpose of this website is to advertize services to do genealogical and historical research. Such research consists mostly of gathering non-private, generally publicly available data (though often from dated and rather obscure sources---old military unit rosters, for example). No information about a client that is of a private, non-public nature is disclosed or distributed to others without specific authorization from the client to do so. Personally identifiable data associated with the use of this website and research conducted for clients of this business, such as names, email addresses, postal addresses, and url's, are collected only when and if voluntarily submitted by visitors. Any use of such data relates to conduct of genealogical and historical research for clients.

Information gathered by this website may be shared with governmental agencies or companies in instances of prevention or investigation of fraud, especially when required by law, and never for purposes of marketing (except as aforementioned relating to advertiser third-party cookies).

Changes to these practices and policies may be made. Such changes will be duly posted herein (in this statement of policies).

Questions and concerns about these privacy policies may be directed to the site owner/administrator through the "Contact Us" feature (represented by tabs or buttons at the tops of pages throughout the site).

Regards, Ron Livingston

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